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Install Kodi On Smart TV | LG Smart TV | Vizio Smart TV

We all want to catch the latest movies or TV shows but we usually choose our laptop or computers to do it. Now that TV’s are getting smart too, you can watch your favorite and the most popular TV shows or movies simply install Kodi on smart TV. Kodi is an amazing open source software which allows you to watch a horde of movies, shows, videos, music, etc. It is filled with multiple entertainment options to keep you fully engaged and entertained. Install Kodi On Samsung Smart TV is completely hassle-free and you can do it within minutes. But you need to ensure that you have a Kodi On LG Smart TV which runs Android OS.

If you want to know how to install Kodi on Smart TV, read on to understand the complete process and do it for yourself.

Can You Install Kodi On Samsung Smart TV?

There are many TV manufacturers which make Smart TVs but a few companies are selling more than others and completely stand out. The brands which are most popular among Smart TVs are Samsung, LG, and Vizio. Let’s see the detailed process of how you can start using Kodi on Smart TVs of these brands particularly.

How To Install Kodi On Samsung Smart TV?

Install Kodi On Samsung Smart TV
Samsung is one of the best consumer electronic product makers in the world and their Smart TVs are top notch. Samsung has been a big adopter of Android OS, be it the phones or even TV. Kodi software can easily be installed by following a small process Kodi on Samsung Smart TV which runs Android OS. However, there are many Smart TVs which Samsung makes that has a Tizen OS. Sadly, Kodi is not compatible with Tizen OS and thus it cannot be installed in such TVs. If you are looking to install it on a Samsung Smart TV which is running Android OS, follow the steps below:
  1. On your Samsung Smart TV, find the Google Play store app and select it.
  2. Once you enter the play store, search for the app “Kodi”.
  3. This search will most probably provide you with the Kodi app on the top.
  4. Install it just as you would do any other app.

Following these steps will let you install Kodi and enjoy unlimited fun on your Smart TV.

In case you don’t have Play Store on your Smart TV, you can still download Kodi and enjoy it. Just follow the steps below to carry out the process.

  1. Download the Kodi software from the official site.
  2. Transfer the software from your PC to your TV through a USB flash drive.
  3. Install the ES file explorer or any other file manager which you find suitable.
  4. Now, you can simply install the Kodi APK directly on your Samsung Smart TV and enjoy your favorite movies and shows

How can you install Kodi on Smart TV without Android OS?

For all the Samsung Smart TV owners who use it without Android, you can have Kodi in your devices too. There are various simulators available such as the Nexus player or the Nvidia Shield or a Kodi Roku streaming stick. These are perfect ways to install Kodi on your Samsung Smart TV which doesn’t have Android in it.

Guide To Install Kodi On LG Smart TV

LG is another reputed brand which offers a huge variety of Smart TVs currently. If you use a Smart TV made by LG, you are lucky as Kodi runs seamlessly on the brand’s TV. Most of the LG Smart TVs have an Android OS in them but some of them also run a WebOS. Unfortunately, the devices which use WebOS aren’t compatible to run Kodi. Thus, if you have an LG Smart TV which runs on Android, you can quickly begin streaming your favorite entertainment options without any hassles. Let’s see the method which you need to use to install Kodi on your LG Smart TV.
  1. On your LG Smart TV, open the Google Play Store from where you download all your apps.
  2. After you open the app, just search for “Kodi”.
  3. The foremost result shown will be the official one.
  4. Choose to install it and this is it, you will now have Kodi on your LG Smart TV.
This is extremely simple to carry out and you need to install the Kodi app from Play Store just like any other app. But for all the other LG Smart TVs which don’t have the Android OS, you would probably need something like a Fire Stick or Android TV box to make it happen. You can follow the below process for any LG Smart TV running WebOS as it is the same for Vizio Smart TVs too.

Kodi for Vizio Smart TV

Vizio is among one of the finest makers of Smart TV. If you own a Smart TV made by Vizio, you can get Kodi on it. Although the method might differ from that of LG and Samsung but it’s still pretty simple. You need to have an Android client on your Vizio Smart TV in order to run Kido. The process to accomplish that is quite easy and doable, just follow the steps below:
  1. You can get a FireStick or maybe some alternative like Android TV box so that you can add Kodi on your Smart TV.
  2. Plug any particular stick you have to your Vizio Smart TV.
  3. Now that you have a stick connected to your Smart TV, it will have an option which will let you access Google Play Store.
  4. Check and Open Google Play Store on your Smart TV after you connect the stick.
  5. After you enter Google Play, just search for “Kodi” and click on the first official result.
  6. Install the Kodi app to your Vizio Smart TV through Play Store.
  7. Simply launch the app from the interface to enjoy unlimited access to movies, shows and so much more.
This is the process you need to follow to get Kodi on your Vizio Smart TV.
Note: The process of installing and using Kodi on other Smart TVs which have the Android OS is exactly the same so you can easily replicate it for your TV brand.

The Last Words

Following this simple method will allow you to have Kodi on your Smart TV and you can enjoy it to watch your favorite means of entertainment including movies, shows, songs and much more. The process is easy and now that you know how to install Kodi on Smart TV, you can follow it step by step to achieve it in no time. You now have a worthy companion and an entertainment fix for your Smart TV.

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